Associate Speech and Language Therapist (contract with Communicate Great)

Expiry Date: 
4th December 2023

Associate SLT sought for fixed term contract, based at the Harington (please note the contract of employment is with Communicate Great and not the Harington). 

Communicate Great – an Independent Speech and Language Therapy Service based in the South-East is seeking to employee an associate SLT for a fixed term contract, covering Maternity Leave. 

Contracted hours: 16 per week

Fixed Term: December 2023 until October 2024.

Location:  North London (Accessible by car or walking from Underground)

Clinical Area: Learning Disabilities, Higher Education 16-25 years

Banding: Equivalent of experienced B5 or above

Pay:  Competitive (Based on experience and supervision requirements)

Application Closing:  4th December 2023

The Role:

Based at the Harington, the SLT will be supporting the educational needs of learners with learning disabilities, the role supports the delivery of Speech and Language intervention specified in the Educational, Health and Care Plans of learners.

Key areas of the role include:

-        Plan universal, targeted and specialist support to meet the communication needs for all learners and work towards outcomes stated in their Education Health and Care Plans.

-        Deliver training for staff on a range of communication topics

-        Support development and implementation a total communication approach across all areas of the college

-        Support to facilitate the use of alternative and augmentative communication aides across the service

-        Integrate differentiated SALT targets and delivery into curriculum and qualification specifications

-        Support learners in developing functional and social communication skills

-        Support learners to access to curriculum and vocational learning

-        Plan and ensure delivery of universal, targeted and specialist interventions across the academic year via both direct and indirect intervention methods

-        Provide reports into the annual review process

-        Support admission assessments and onward transition processes

-        Provide access to appropriate therapy resources for communication needs

-        Complete learner-related clinical administration.

-        Work collaboratively with all members of the staff team to ensure holistic delivery.

Supervision available via Teams, as per needs and experience.

Please contact Amie Wilson, Speech and Language Therapist for more details by 4th December 2023

Tel:  07748632338