COVID-19: 16-19 Tuition Fund 2020-21

  Photo credit: ©Dan_Glasser_09 

Harington has been allocated additional funding by the ESFA to support our students whose learning has been disrupted by coronavirus.

We have used this funding to provide additional 1:1 or small group teaching, giving a priority to those students who have gaps in their learning and assessment and are at risk of not achieving their qualifications or at risk of not achieving the EHCP targets.

The funding provided has enabled us to fund:

  • Additional Maths and English teaching time - £6,500
  •  Additional Vocational teaching time  - £2,100
  • Additional Learning Support - £3,750
  • Additional Management / Co-ordination and management time - £1,600

Specifically, this catch-up funding will be used to provide:

·         A range of 1:1 and small group (2 or 3 students) activities to support and develop Early English and Maths skills

·         Additional tuition to support individual students in catching up on evidence for their portfolios

·         Additional tuition in small groups to help students catch up on their vocational learning

·         Additional mentoring and learning support time to support re-engagement of students

Our aim is to ensure that any gaps in learning are narrowed or eradicated and that all students achieve their learning aims.