Discover The Olympic Park on this guided walk

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - 11:00

Discover the Olympic Park with a guided tour from Rachel Kolsky, East End guide and author.

Peanuts and Painters, Salmon and sweets:  Hackney Wick to the Olympic Park

Until recently, a forgotten industrial backwater; this area is enjoying a new lease of life, with its artist studios, galleries and a theatre.  A canal side towpath and a renovated green trail, run alongside and through the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, with its Orbit and iconic stadiums, contrasted by old industrial buildings, converted to artist’s live/work spaces, bars and restaurants. 

Food heritage features, can also be found here, with favourite historic brands, such as    Clarnico’s mint creams, Percy Dalton’s roasted peanuts and Forman’s smoked salmon, but the area was also host to an early dry cleaner, a pioneer of petrol and a plastics   factory. 

 Discover all this and more on this guided walk with Rachel Kolsky


Meeting place:

Outside Hackney Wick Overground

Date and Time:

2nd June 2020 at 11.00am

Tickets:  £20

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Susie Rose at: